Music Rehearsal Rooms, Recording Studios, Performance Venue and Lounge

The Music Gym and Lounge is a unique music venue where musicians, producers, artists and fans can come together to share resources and express themselves through music, art, film and dance. Each location has media production stations and music rehearsal studios surrounding a central lounge and performance area.

The equipment and rooms are all communal and promote a thriving creative co-op-style community. Musicians come to practice and record, fans come to listen and dance. Video producers come to use production stations, students come to take one-on-one classes and some come just to hang out, enjoy a cold beer and listen to live music.

Each of our rooms are like small "do-it-yourself studios". All are equipped with a full back-line of music equipment for your band to rehearse, as well as digital production stations to record and produce multimedia, video and audio projects.

Our communal lounge regularly hosts live music shows, movie screenings, art openings, classes, parties and various other types of events. The lounge has a comfortable, community atmosphere and free wireless internet work stations and wi-fi access for all. The facilities have an on-site "proshop" store that sells musical and media accessories such as guitar strings, memory cards, drum sticks, microphones,thumdrives, cables and more.

All music and media rooms are available for a low hourly rate, or alternatively through an affordable monthly co-op membership. Members get a free show every month in the lounge or outdoor performance spaces (at locations with outdoor venues). All rooms have online schedules for booking timeslots from the convenience of your home and are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.